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First time in India… A Packaged ice made of Bottled water quality purified water!

Ice is the forgotten food in India. You consume good quality, safe and hygienic food - It's high time you take as much care while consuming ice. A cold glass of water with ice is good for more than just cooling you off on a hot day or quenching your thirst. This simple beverage can have remarkable effects on your overall health and well-being. Alternatively, ice made of water from the wrong source can have a range of toxic effects. A health-conscious person knows the difference between normal tap water and branded bottled waters. The same is true of packaged ice made of BOTTLED WATER QUALITY purified water. Remember, ICE IS FOOD!

The quality ice is also the safest as ICELINGS are produced from R.O. and Ozone treated, zero bacteria, bottled water quality purified water. The pure ice tubes are untouched by human hands throughout the manufacturing process and packaged in special food grade LDPE bags.

ICELINGS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality packaged ice in India. ICELINGS is the largest producer of ‘The Premium Packaged Ice’, offers pure quality and hygienic ice. It is certified by FSSAI, AIPIM and IPIA. ICELINGS is manufactured in the ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities with the state-of-the-art technology.

Be Sure. Be happy.

As a health conscious person, make sure that the ice you are mixing in drinks, cold drinks, tea or coffee is made of pure water. As a doting parent, make doubly sure that your children are consuming safe and pure ice. Bring home ICELINGS. The pure and perfect ice for your parties, get together, kitty parties, birthdays or even big functions. Just empty the ICELINGS into an ice pail and add 4-5 ice tubes to serve a cool refreshing drink.

Packaged Ice

It may seem as easy as just freezing water but in fact ice exists at different purity levels. ICELINGS filtration process takes normal water and purifies it to match the quality of bottled water. The water is processed through water softeners. As water is the only ingredient to make ice, the quality should be monitored just like any other food product. At ICELINGS, this process is conducted as per procedure on a regular basis.

Along with the uniform shape, the clarity of our ice indicates the level of purity of the water used in the process. ICELINGS starts with the purest and freshest water available. Then the water goes through a double chamber carbon filtration system to remove all chlorine from the water. From there the water goes through a soft water system and last is a double barrel ultra violet light. The UV light is used to eliminate any harmful bacteria if present from the water without the use of chlorine. During our freezing process, water is constantly flushed through the tubes removing impurities and ensuring you get odorless, tasteless Crystal Pure ICELINGS Ice.



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