ICELINGS – is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality packaged ice in India. ICELINGS is the largest producer of ‘The PUREfect Ice’, offers pure quality and hygienic ice. It is certified by FSSAI, IPIA. ICELINGS is manufactured in the ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities with the state-of-the-art technology.

The leader with commitment:

ICELINGS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality packaged ice products. As the largest producer of packaged ice in India, ICELINGS serves several retail, commercial and industrial customer locations across Mumbai currently.

The company has grown significantly since its start in 1996. We are now the largest producer and distributor of packaged ice in India. We currently operate 3 production and 50 distribution facilities and employ more than 100 people year-round. Our current production capacity is approximately 250 tons of ice per day.

Guarantee of Quality and supply:

ICELINGS guarantees your customers a quality, food grade product, consistent supply, convenient and easy supply. We are a responsible IPIA and AIPIM member company; ensure you the safety, quality and consistency of the product. And that will pay off in cooler profits for you.

Marketing support and storing options:

ICELINGS is committed to support retailers with brand promotions throughout the year on various online and offline media platforms. ICELINGS is offering the Barrel Freezers to small and medium size outlets and 1 ton ICELINGS Merchandizing freezers for the bigger outlets. The retailers are also provided various merchandising items like insulated bags and inflatable tubs for your customers to store and Use ICELINGS Ice.

What Can Retailers and Consumers Do?

When getting ice from machines, make sure that you are sourcing it from a trusted source and a clean environment. To protect consumers from contaminated ice and retailers from sanction for putting their customers at risk, the FSSAI, AIPIM and IPIA recommends buying only certified ice. The FSSAI, AIPIM and IPIA stamp of approval on packaged ice certifies that the ice was manufactured and packaged in a sanitary environment.

When selling ice, look for the FSSAI, AIPIM and IPIA stamp of approval and also look for clear, tasteless ice, packaged in bags printed with the manufacturer’s contact information, along with a product number. Traceable products are more likely to come from an acceptable source that is committed to providing pure, high quality ice products. Armed with this information, consumers can trust that the ice is safe to consume.



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